One In A Million

“You are one in a million! Thanks for caring! God is going to bless you for this.”


I Always Feel Serene When I See You

“You are so wonderful. I always feel serene when I see you. By far, you are one of the best things that ever came into my life. Thank you for your compassion and time with my mom. Have a wonderful day and I will see you next week.”


I’ve Gotten Better Because of You

“This is just a small thank you for all of your help over the years… and for the help that you give to so many. C is going to get better because of you … I’ve gotten better because of you.
Thank you.”


My Body Fat Percentage Has Dropped 10 Points

“My body fat percentage has dropped 10 points, I am so excited, I look and feel great.”


You’ve Helped Restore Some Normalcy To My Life

To Gail and Dr. Sadilek
“Thank you for all your help you’ve given me. When it seemed as though there was no answer to all the strange symptoms that kept popping up, you’ve helped restore some normalcy to my life. I have felt so terrible and exhausted for years now and since I’ve been coming to you, despite the few set backs we’ve had, I am beginning to see “light at the end of the tunnel” and have a hope for full recovery to total health again. I thank you for all your patience and kindness with me and my concerns and questions. You’ve been so wonderful and tender towards me that even when I’m a little scared about something new going on, you make me feel alright and safe. I can’t thank you enough! A million thanks.”


An Excellent Prescription for Health

Dr. Sadilek,
“It was a pleasure to find a doctor we could relate to regarding natural health. We feel that is an excellent prescription for health for Tony. Thank you for your time and expertise. Looking forward to seeing you again.”


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