“Integrative Medicine is a partnership between the patient and the doctor. The goal is to treat the mind, body and spirit, all at the same time” – WebMD

Our mission at Integrative Medical Associates in Tucson, Arizona, is to provide the most comprehensive healthcare available. Integrative Medicine is a proven medical treatment that provides patients with a comprehensive health plan combining natural and traditional medicine to achieve optimal health.

We educate our patients to help them understand what may be the underlying cause of their health concerns. If we can help you understand how your body works and your unique health challenges or concerns, we are half way there. We then engage you to take a more active role in your personal health care to achieve the results you want for a more fulfilling and healthier life.

Dr. Bruce A. Sadilek is an accomplished and dedicated doctor with over 30 years of emergency and clinical medicine.  He works in conjunction with his patients and other practitioners to develop a personalized and integrative health plan.  To read more about Dr. Sadilek, click here.

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